Engineering Transfer Program

Why Study Engineering?

Engineers make the world a better place by working in collaborative teams to designing things that improve lives.  Civilization's first steps began with the engineering of water delivery systems to meet the needs of agriculture and public health.  Today's engineers are central to every part of our lives; our homes, our health, our jobs; how we get our food, how we get around, and how we communicate and learn and enjoy.  They are also the ones who will tackle our greatest challenges, including mitigating the impacts humans have on the global environment.  To all of these endeavors, engineers bring their diverse backgrounds, their knowledge, their skills; not just technical skills, but creativity, teamwork, flexibility, focus, leadership, communication...  So, if you are passionate about people, willing to work hard to develop all your abilities, and are looking to make a difference - give engineering a try.  Read more about changing the world through engineering.

SRJC's Engineering Transfer Program

Santa Rosa Junior College offers the standard foundational courses that prepare students to transfer as juniors into any university's engineering bachelor degree programs.  We have one of the larger engineering transfer programs in the state and have received regional recognition for the quality we deliver.  Our focus is on developing more than just the mathematical skills and scientific knowledge that engineers need.  In our engineering classes, you will be expected to develop your soft skills of teamwork and resourcefulness, communication and leadership.  We hope that you will bring your energy to our student enrichment programs like MESA, The Engineer's Club, the Society of Women Engineers, and that you will join us for field trips, guest speakers, university visits, engineering contests and job shadow programs.

How to Get Started  in Engineering at SRJC

Make a commitment to be persistent along what is sometimes a complicated and challenging path.  SRJC academic counselors can guide you to completing your math placement and generating an education plan.  We offer Engr 10 Intro to the Engineering Profession to help you learn more about the fields of engineering and the universities you might attend.  Visit the Transfer Center and check ASSIST to review the transfer requirements for specific universities and majors.  Most of all, take ownership of your education.

More info on the Engineering Associates of Science Degree.
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Engineering Transfer Program Coordinator: Vince Bertsch
Office Phone #: (707) 527-4621