Why should I choose engineering as my career?
What does it take to get a BS in engineering?
Which field of engineering should I choose?
What 4 year university should I go to?
Where are the good internships?
How can I be a better student?
Who can help me with this?
When do I start?

All these questions and more get explored in Engineering 10, Intro to the Engineering Profession.  The course investigates the various fields of engineering through discussions, guest speakers, field trips, and research assignments.  It's participatory and exploratory and an opportunity to build a community that works together towards a common goal.  The course is offered Fall, Spring, and Summer on the Santa Rosa Campus.

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ENGR 10 Course Description:  The course explores the branches of engineering, the functions of an engineer, and the industries in which engineers work.  Explains the engineering education pathways and explores effective strategies for students to reach their full academic potential.  Presents an introduction to the methods and tools of engineering problem solving and design including the interface of the engineer with society and engineering ethics.  Develops communication skills pertinent to the engineering profession.